Super Bowl 52

  1. A big bet on the Eagles moneyline at +165.

  2. A parlay on the Eagles to be winning at halftime +2.5 points, and the total halftime score to be under 24.

  3. A bunch of stupid small prop bets. My favorite: Eagles score at least once in every quarter at +300.

The remaining four NFL teams, ranked by order of their uniform designs, from best to worst:

  1. Minnesota Vikings. Classic design, distinctive colors. They should lose the trendy typeface for the jersey numbers, though. Stick with something classy.

  2. New England Patriots.

  3. Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagle’s jerseys look very 90s – the colors, the fonts, the “Eagles” logo. They never should have changed from the classic Gang Green unis.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars. Terrible colors. Worst helmet design in the history of the league.

Today’s AFC / NFC Championship Picks

PATS -7.5 over Jags (1x bet). Not sure what’s up with Brady’s hand but come on, it’s the Jags.

EAGLES over Vikings +140 money line (2x bet). I think the Eagles have this.

Teaser: PATS -2 and EAGLES +9.5 (1x bet)

Update: Also put down a bet (before the start of either game today) on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, at +600.


Was just now washing some dishes, and felt my phone going off in my jeans pocket. I ignored it. Whoever it is, it can wait. To hell with being a slave to devices.

Turns out, it wasn’t my phone going off. It was a staccato torrent of water, streaming over the edge of the sink, bouncing off the baking pan I was washing, soaking my right thigh.

My phone wasn’t even in my pocket.

Today's NFL Playoff Picks

2x bet on the EAGLES +3 over Falcons. Fuck this shit where the Eagles are underdogs. I think they’re going to beat the Falcons up.

1x bet on the PATRIOTS -14 over the Titans. I know it’s a ton of points, but (a) it’s the Pats, and (b) the Titans shouldn’t even be in the playoffs.

Today’s NFL playoff picks:

JAGUARS -9 over Bills SAINTS -7 over Panthers

I’ve got them both on a teaser, too.

NFL playoff picks:

Falcons +6 over the RAMS

Deep regret not taking the Titans over the Chiefs earlier. Always bet against Andy Reid in a playoff game.

I needed the Ravens to win by 8, and the won by 7. Fucking Vegas is going to be the death of me.

I still feel good about the Pack, so I’m putting a make-up bet on the Pack +10 at -115.

NFL Week 16: Saturday

One bet today, a teaser:

RAVENS -8 over Colts (line was -14)
PACKERS +15 over Vikings (line was +9)

Both teams are at home. The Ravens are on the cusp of the playoffs and will run it up if they can. The Packers don’t have Rodgers but they’re a proud team playing against a division rival. I don’t think they’ll lay down.

Another coffee shop computing survey:

13” MacBook Pro: 7 (all pre-Touch Bar)
MacBook: 1
12.9” iPad Pro: 1 (using on-screen keyboard)
Dell: 2
Toshiba: 1
Unknown PC: 1

No Chromebooks. No MacBook Airs.

Josh Marshall:

“Whether Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump or somehow has him in his pay hardly matters. If he doesn’t, he apparently doesn’t need to do since Trump insists on doing more or less exactly what Putin would want of him entirely on his own. Does this sound hyperbolic. Yes, it absolutely does. I’m even surprised I’m writing it. But look at the evidence before us. A simple statement on a decades old security commitment is the simplest, most pro-forma thing to do. And yet he refuses. Again and again.”

Anecdotally, I’ve run into a few people who are curious about AirPods, but who incorrectly believe that they only work with iPhone 7. And I think that’s because of the no-more-headphone jack thing – a reasonable but wrong assumption.

Busy Philly coffee shop, just after noon today. Lots of people working on computers. Here’s my device count:

MacBooks: 13
Microsoft Surfaces: 3
Windows Laptops: 2
iPads: 1
Chromebooks: 1

All the tablets (the 3 Surfaces and lone iPad) were connected to a hardware keyboard. The lone Chromebook looked like it was falling part.