NFL 2023 Week 10 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments, if any, in italics. And at 17-28-1 for the season thus far, it’s time to call it: I feel like I have the NFL right where I want it.

JAGUARS +3 vs. Niners ❌ – Spitball theory: it took all the gas out of the Niners’ tank to whip the mighty Cowboys last month. They haven’t looked good since. And I’ll reiterate my Doug Pederson Fan Club membership.

Browns +6 vs. RAVENS ✅ – Just a gut feeling that the Browns might keep it close.

BENGALS -5.5 vs. Texans 2× pick of the week ❌ ❌ – I got Joe Burrow fever. He was obviously hurt at the beginning of the season, and he’s all healed now, but I feel like these lines aren’t factoring that in.

BILLS -7 vs. Broncos ❌ – I was half tempted to wait until tomorrow to see if this would drop to 6.5, but half afraid it would go to 7.5, so I bet it now. No way the Bills come out of last week’s disappointing loss to the Bengals without a strong showing on MNF.

Season to date (weeks 1-9): 17-28-1 This week: 1-4