NFL 2023 Week 1 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments, if any, in italics.

Thursday Night:

CHIEFS -4 vs. Lions — ❌


STEELERS +2 vs. Niners — ❌

PATRIOTS +3.5 vs. Eagles — ❌ Let’s see what Belichick still has in the tank.

Jaguars -3.5 vs. COLTS — ✅ I dig Doug Pederson. Looking for a strong season from the Jags.

BRONCOS -3 vs. Raiders — ❌ Looking for a strong opening from Sean Payton, plus I’m sick of losing money betting on the Raiders.

BEARS -1.5 vs. Packers — The Bears have got to turn it around eventually, and there’s a good chance the Pack is lost without Rodgers. ❌

Cowboys over GIANTS -166 moneyline — ✅ In Dak we trust. (In McCarthy we don’t.)

This week: 2-5