NFL 2022 Playoff Picks, Round 2

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. In the playoffs, you have to bet every game, that’s the law. I’m testing out a new theory: The league wants high-scoring games, and I think the refs call the games accordingly. So I’m just betting the over in every game through the Super Bowl. I’m also taking all 4 underdogs this week. Postgame comments in italics.


Jaguars +9.5 vs. CHIEFS ✅ – Look it’s the Chiefs. I like the Chiefs. I put a sizeable bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowls before the season started, and that bet is looking good. But we all know Andy Reid-coached teams often make should-be-blowouts close. And the Jaguars are fun! Fun fact: both coaches took the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Jaguars-Chiefs OVER 52.5 ❌ – Like I wrote up top, I’m betting the over in every remaining playoff game. But shouldn’t this one be a couple points higher? 52.5 seems crazy low when the Chiefs are always a threat to score 40.

Giants +7.5 vs. EAGLES ❌ – Danny Jones, baby. He is hot and I think the Giants are playing exactly how underdogs should: with abandon. They’re not supposed to be here and they’re playing to win.

Giants-Eagles OVER 48.5


Bengals +6 vs. BILLS – ✅ I know the worry about the Bengals is their offensive line – injuries have more or less left them playing backups. But I still think the Bengals are likely to win this game. Josh Allen is reminding more and more of Tony Romo. I loved Romo as a player, but that style of throwing risky passes all game long doesn’t work great in the playoffs.

Bengals-Bills OVER 49

Cowboys +4 vs. NINERS – ❌ Feels like old times, seeing these two meet in the playoffs.

Cowboys-Niners OVER 46.5

2022 regular season final record: 43-35-4
Playoffs round 1: 6-4
This week: 2-6