NFL 2022 Week 11 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.

COLTS +6.5 vs. Eagles ✅ – I gotta watch something at 1pm so I might as well bet the way I’ll be rooting. Plus, the Colts won and Eagles lost last week – bet the trends.

Jets at PATS: Under 38 ✅ – I’m sure the week I finally give in to the league-wide low-scoring trend is the week Jets-Pats turns into a basketball game, but here goes.

Commanders -3 vs. TEXANS 2× pick of the week ✅ ✅ – I don’t get this line at all. Washington won a big last week and the Texans stink. The NFL’s dumb “scandal” over the Commanders drinking a few beers on the plane ride home isn’t going to distract anyone from anything.

Cowboys -2 vs. VIKINGS ✅ – Don’t even get me started about Dallas blowing last week’s game in Green Bay after starting the 4th quarter up 28-14. Jiminy Christ. It can’t happen twice in a row, and I think Dallas’s defense will get its shit together. (Working on a parlay side bet with the Dallas moneyline, CeeDee Lamb catching a TD, and Dallas racking up 2+ sacks.)

Season to date (weeks 1–10): 21-20-4
This week: 5-0