NFL 2022 Week 9 Picks

Weird looking at a lineup of Sunday games with only one NFC East team playing. We gotta bet against them though. My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.

Vikings -3 vs. COMMANDERS ✋ — I think there is a fundamental truth to the theory that the Vikes have been lucky this year. But, still, 6-1 is 6-1.

Bills -10.5 vs JETS ❌ — I was /thisclose/ to taking the OVER (46) on this one, but when I thought about it, the only way the over hits on this game is if the Jets win in a blowout so why not bet that instead?

PATRIOTS -4.5 vs. Colts ✅ — I think the Pats are for real.

Rams +3 vs. BUCS ✋ — I’d have taken the Rams -3, let alone +3. Brady is toast.

Seahawks +1.5 vs. CARDINALS ✅ — I see this one as a close game. So I’m taking the points.

Season to date (weeks 1–8): 17-17-2 This week: 2-1-2