NFL 2022 Week 8 Picks

Didn’t like many of the lines last week; like even fewer of them this week. Weird week on the schedule for the NFL, honestly. My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.

COWBOYS -10 vs. Bears ✅ – I was going to lay off this game with a double-digit spread but I couldn’t resist. Dak looked pretty good last week; could be a blowout.

Steelers +11.5 vs. Eagles ❌ – S Steelers kinda stink and the Eagles are – trust me, I know – undefeated. But the Steelers only got blown out by the Bills, and the Eagles aren’t the Bills. Last three Eagles win margins: 8, 3, 9. I’ll take the points.

Titans -1 vs. TEXANS ✅ – Ryan Tannehill is out but does that make this a one-point game? I say no. (I have zero idea what the stats say but my gut feeling is that teams do a lot better in recent years with backup QBs than they used to.)

Rams over FRISCO -105 Moneyline ❌ — I hit a nice 6-way parlay side bet (uncounted here) in the Dallas game so let’s put something on this one.

Season to date (weeks 1–7): 15-15-2
This week: 2-2