NFL 2022 Week 7 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.

COWBOYS -7 vs Lions ✅ — Look at these goddamn hitting stats for the Yankees in the ALCS. It’s inexplicable. The strikeouts, in particular, are just brutal. The whole lineup is waving at breaking balls 6 inches off the plate. They’ve struck out in double digits every game so far: 17, 13, 11. It’s a testimony to the Yankees’ pitching that they were so close in games 1 and 2.

Chiefs -1.5 vs. NINERS ✅ — It’s one thing to just hit poorly, or to run into a team whose pitching staff is just in the zone. It happens. That’s baseball. And the Astros’ pitchers are pitching well. But Jiminy H. Christ, the Yankees have only scored 4 runs in 3 games. A team’s only in a slump until it’s not, but if they don’t get their shit together tonight, there ought to be a reckoning off-season. One game at a time.

Season to date (weeks 1-6): 13-15-2
This week: 2-0