NFL 2021 Playoff Picks, Round 2

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. In the playoffs, you have to bet every game, that’s the law. Postgame comments in italics.


Bengals +4 vs. TITANS ✅ – I just like the looks of this kid Burrow. I think Cincinnati has a great shot to win the game outright so I’ll take the points.

PACKERS -5.5 vs. San Fran ❌ – The Niners got lucky last week that Mike McCarthy – a coach who has never had a history of questionable judgment in big games, nosirree – had a goofy game. They won’t get such luck this week. Special teams will kill you.


Rams +130 moneyline vs. BUCS ✅ – It’s time again to bet against old man Brady.

CHIEFS -125 moneyline vs. Bills ✅ ✅ – 2× bet. I’d probably go the other way if the game were in Buffalo, but it’s not.

Regular season final record: 55-61
Playoffs round 1: 4-4