NFL 2021 Week 16 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

Took a break for a few weeks to take some remedial sports betting classes. (I need to backdate a few bets I snuck in though, while not posting here.) Back at it this week, with a simple philosophy: bet the obvious. I should have and would have bet the Colts over Cardinals last night but, you know, it was a holiday.

PATS -1.5 vs. Bills ❌ – I’ll bet on Belichick.

Giants +10.5 vs. EAGLES ❌ – I think the Eagles will likely win, but 10.5 is a lot of points and the Giants hate the Eagles. Plus, the Eagles are playing on short rest, and the Giants aren’t. That’s a big deal in the NFL. I might even sneak in a little Giants moneyline bet off the books.

CHIEFS -10 vs. Steelers 2× bet ✅ ✅ – Travis Kelce is out with COVID, and that’s a big loss, but the Steelers are flailing, and Big Ben looks like he can barely throw the ball 10 yards downfield. If the Chiefs take an early lead, they might be off to the races.

Sunday Night Football

COWBOYS -9 vs. No-Names ✅ – Tie a ribbon on the NFC East and keep chasing that playoff bye, baby.

Monday Night Football

Dolphins -3 vs. SAINTS ✅ – The Saints have 21 players out on COVID protocol and are missing their top two QBs. If that doesn’t scream “Bet Miami -3” I don’t know what does.

Season to date (weeks 1–15): 45-47
This week: 4-2