NFL 2021 Week 13 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

Thursday Night Football:

Cowboys -6.5 vs. SAINTS ✅ – I’ll take Amari Cooper back and Mike McCarthy out any day.


Giants +6. vs. DOLPHINS ❌ — Don’t underestimate how bad Jason Garrett was.

Bucs–FALCONS Brady OVER 0.5 Yards Rushing ❌ — Just one scramble.

RAIDERS -1.5 vs. No-Names ❌ — If the Raiders whipped Dallas they can beat Washington by at least a field goal.

Jaguars +14 vs. RAMS ❌ — I’m thinking about a new rule where I just take any underdog getting 14 or more points. Plus, the Rams are sort of slumping.

Sunday Night Football:

Denver-CHIEFS UNDER 46.5 ✅ — Statistically, Denver’s defense doesn’t seem so great, but I think they can force the Chiefs to go slow, dinking and dunking. And KC’s defense has been playing great the last few weeks after a terrible start to the season.

Monday Night Football:

Pats +3 vs. BILLS ✅ + Pats over BILLS moneyline +130 ✅ — I think Belichick has his thing going on.

Cole Beasley OVER 3.5 Receptions ❌ — Always liked that guy when he was in Dallas. 4 catches seems like a better than 50-50 chance no matter if the Bills are ahead or behind.

Season to date (weeks 1–12): 38-42
*This week: 4-5