NFL 2021 Week 10 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

COWBOYS -1.5 vs. Falcons
Bucs -3.5 vs. WASHINGTON
Two-team -6 teaser, 2× bet. ❌ ❌ I feel like Dallas will come roaring back after last week’s embarrassment. The Bucs-WAS game, I feel a little iffy about that extra half-point, but I trust the Bucs to run up the score if they can.

PATRIOTS -2 vs. Browns – ✅ Hey, the Browns are legit. I like watching them. But the Patriots seem to be back, baby. There’s a longstanding theory that Belichick treats the first month of the season like an extended preseason – he’s still trying guys out, seeing what works. Never truer than this season.

BRONCOS -1 vs. Eagles – ❌ I don’t understand this line at all, after the way Denver played against Dallas last week. Seems like a gimme.

Season to date (weeks 1–9): 33-30
This week: 1-3