NFL 2021 Week 4 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Let’s just bet the NFC East on Sunday afternoon. Post-game comments in italics.

1p Sunday:

COWBOYS -4 over Panthers
COWBOYS over Panthers -200 moneyline 2× bet ✅ — The Panthers are off to a great start, and have given up a grand total of 30 points. But, come on, two of those games were against the Jets and the Texans. I think Dallas is going to stomp them.

SAINTS -7 over Giants ❌ — The Saints are fresh off a big win over the Patriots in New England. The Giants are fresh off getting their ass kicked every week.

Chiefs -7 over EAGLES ✅ — Every single fan in the Linc is going to be thinking the same thing: “Why isn’t Andy Reid still our coach, instead of this dummy?” The Chiefs need to get right, and the Eagles have the sort of soft defense a team can get right against.

FALCONS +1.5 over Washington ❌ — Both these teams stink, but someone’s got to win, the Falcons are getting points, and my working theme for the season is that Dallas runs away with the NFC East.

YANKEES -135 over Rays ✅ — No way the Yankees are getting swept with so much on the line.

Sunday Night Football:

PATS +7 over Bucs ✅ – Bill Belichick a touchdown underdog? At home? I think the Pats have the Bucs right where they want them.

Monday Night Football:

Raiders +3 over CHARGERS ❌ — I got Raiders fever, what can I say.

Season to date (weeks 1–3): 21-13
This week: 5-3