NFL 2021 Week 3 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Cowboys did me good last week, so I’m feeling smart and picking a bunch of games this week. Post-game comments in italics.

1p Sunday:

Ravens -7.5 over LIONS ❌ – The Ravens just beat the Chiefs. The Lions barely know how to put their helmets on.

CHIEFS -7 over Chargers ❌ – Either the Chiefs have lost the plot, starting back in the Super Bowl, or they’re due for a blowout. I’ll go with the blowout, especially at Arrowhead. Lost the plot, it is.

PATS -2.5 over Saints ❌ ❌ – Saints laid a turd vs. the Panthers last week, and the Pats defense is looking like the Pats defense. I’m telling you, Belichick smells a winner with Mac Jones. This feels like easy money, especially with the Pats at home, so let’s make it a 2× bet.

STEELERS -2.5 over Bengals ❌ – Feel like the Steelers are both the better team and at home. I watched this game. The Steelers offense looked dreadful.

4p Sunday:

RAIDERS -3.5 over Dolphins ❌ – The Raiders are on a roll, bet the streak. The dreaded hook.

RAMS over Bucs +100 moneyline ✅ – Two very hot teams. Something’s got to give. But let’s be honest, I just want to root against Brady. If I had to go 1-8 on Sunday, this was the one I’d have wanted to win. Delightful.

Seahawks -1.5 over VIKINGS ❌ – I don’t get why the line is this close. The Seahawks are clearly a far better team.

Sunday Night Football:

FRISCO -3 over Packers ❌ – I know they won last week, but the Packers feel a bit dysfunctional to me. I’d have laid off this game if the line were any higher, though. Hell of a good game, and that sonofabitch Rodgers still has it. A pleasure to watch that game-winning drive, knowing that whatever happened, San Fran wasn’t going to cover and my bet was lost.

Monday Night Football:

COWBOYS over Eagles -180 moneyline ✅ ✅ – America’s Team is back baby. 4× unit bet to win 2+ on the moneyline. Clearly the best team in football.

Season to date (weeks 1–2): 18-5
This week: 3-8, ouch