NFL 2020 Playoff Picks, Round 1

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. In the playoffs, you have to bet every game, that’s the law. Postgame comments in italics.


Colts +6.5 vs. BILLS – I split one bet on the Colts here, half with the point spread and half on the moneyline (+275). Someone’s going to win an upset this weekend, and my pick is the Colts. No disrespect to the Bills, whom I consider a legit contender, I just think the Colts can keep it close and maybe win it in a last-team-with-the-ball scenario. ✋ Hell of a fun game to watch, but those missed field goals will kill you.

SEAHAWKS -3 vs. Rams
SEAHAWKS-Rams OVER 42.5 – I get it that both teams have some offensive problems at the moment, but come on, 43 points? I feel like that’s a good bet. I like the Seahawks as a team to go deep in the playoffs. Even when they’re off they almost always keep it close. ✅ ❌

Bucs -9 vs. NO-NAMES – There’s always at least one blowout in the first round, and this is my pick for it. I hate betting on Tom Brady, but the Bucs can score, always play better in the second half, and Washington is a damn joke. It’s not the No-Names’ fault that they even got into the playoffs through the Eagles’ ignominious tanking last week, but they’ve got the stink of a losing record on them despite that. ❌ That sonofabitch Brady. I’ll never bet on him again.


Ravens -3.5 vs. TITANS
Ravens-TITANS OVER 53.5 – I’m a big believer in momentum and the Ravens have momentum. They had the highest net points – total points scored minus total points allowed – of any team in the NFL. I’m taking the over just to root for a shootout. ✅ ❌

SAINTS -10.5 vs. Bears
SAINTS-Bears OVER 48.5 – 10.5 is an embarrassing amount of points for an NFL playoff game but the Chicago Bears are an embarrassing team to be in the NFL playoffs. Let’s see how close the Saints can get to covering the Over on their own. ✅ ❌

STEELERS -5.5 vs. Browns
STEELERS-Browns UNDER 47.5 – The Browns are so riddled with COVID that their coach is out for the game and they weren’t even able to practice. Maybe it’ll turn out that good teams don’t need to practice for an NFL playoff game against a tough road opponent like the Steelers. I’ll bet against that. ❌ ❌ Man, I really butchered every one of those O/U bets, but it sure was fun watching the Cleveland Browns demolish the Steelers. What a game.

2020 regular season final record: 43-52-1 This week: 3-6-1