NFL 2020 Week 11 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Post-game comments in italics.

Time for a late-season comeback. I think I got it now.

SAINTS -3.5 vs. Falcons — Count me on team Taysom Hill. I want to see what the guy can do — and I think the Saints are best off with a run-first attack anyway. Plus even if the Falcons are ahead they’re the biggest chokers in league history. Easy money. ✅

Patriots -2.5 vs. TEXANS — Son of a bitch I think Belichick has righted the ship. I mean we knew Cam Newton could play. Last week’s Pats win over the Ravens turned me from “Pats are cooked” to “Pats are back”. 2× pick of the week. ❌ ❌

Cowboys +7 vs. VIKINGS — Dallas has a one-game winning streak against the spread. Gotta go with the momentum. ✅

Packers +1.5 vs. COLTS — Tacked this bet on late to give me something to care about while I watch this one. ❌

RAIDERS +7 vs. Chiefs — Another last-minute bet just to have something to care about. I do like the Raiders’ chances to keep it within one score though. ✅

Rams +180 moneyline vs. BUCS — Another last-minute bet, but how could I not take an opportunity to pile on against Tom Brady as his season falls apart? ✅ ✅

Season to date (weeks 1–9): 24-34-1
This week: 5-3