NFL 2020 Week 9 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Post-game comments in italics.

I cleaned up wagering on this week’s election. Pretty, pretty, good. Good enough that my NFL picks in the second half of the season could do as well as my picks in the first half of the season and I’ll still be in the black, easily. Politics Gruber is happy, and gambling junkie Gruber is happy.

So to hell with griping about how poorly my picks have gone to date. Everything is coming up Milhouse this week.

Seahawks -3 vs. BILLS – The Bills are damn good, so this should be a hell of a game. But I like the Seahawks’ chances to flat out win it. Feels like a toss-up and I’ll always go with the better QB. ❌

Ravens +1 vs. COLTS – Do we really think the Colts are that good? I don’t. Plus, the Ravens have activated Dez Bryant, one of my favorite receivers of all time. I gotta go with them for that reason alone. ✅ Easy money, this one.

Cowboys +14 vs. STEELERS – What the hell, why not? ✅ Cowboys cover!

Saints +3.5 vs. BUCS – I like the Saints in this game a lot. And what a matchup to land on Sunday Night Football: Brees vs. Brady. ✅

Season to date (weeks 1–8): 20-30-1
This week: 3-1