NFL 2020 Week 8 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Post-game comments in italics.

Brutal 0-5 week for yours truly 7 days ago. I need help, obviously, so the first two picks below – the Bills and Packers – come from my dad, Bob Gruber, outstanding handicapper and all-around wise man. The rest of the picks are mine. My dad also has the Ravens -4.5 over the Steelers but I have my doubts about that one.

PACKERS -5.5 over Vikings – I don’t know what’s going on with the Vikings this year, but they’re bad. And the Packers were back in top form last week after their week 5 dud against the Bucs. ❌ Thanks, Dad.

BILLS -4 over Pats – I’m going to stop waiting for the Pats to turn it around and open my eyes to the fact that the Pats are (a) not very good, (b) hurt, and © Cam Newton is just way out of sorts. ❌ Thanks again.

Rams -3.5 over DOLPHINS – I think Tua Tagovailoa has a bright future ahead of him and Dolphins are smart to give him the ball. I also think it’s smart money to bet on the better team (Rams) against a rookie QB in his first start. ❌

SEAHAWKS -1.5 over Niners – Looks like I keep losing money betting against San Fran but winning money when I bet on Seattle, so something’s got to give in this game. I think the general stinkyness of the Patriots this year makes the Niners blowout last week look better than it was. I look for the Seahawks to build a big lead in this game and keep it. 2× pick of the week. ✅ ✅ Finally.

Cowboys +10.5 over EAGLES – Look, if this season were a boxing match, the Dallas Cowboys would be out on a TKO. The fight would be stopped. Go home, get well, come back next season and try again. This is a team that was embarrassing itself before they lost two quarterbacks to injuries. It’s bad. The entire NFC East is a legit straight-up embarrassment to the NFL. Every year there’s a weak division with a “winner” who gets a playoff spot they don’t deserve, but at this point the idea of any one of these NFC East teams hosting a playoff game seems like a farce. But that’s what it is. And the Eagles probably are that team? The Eagles would never miss a chance to kick Dallas when they’re down, but that goes double with the division lead on the line. But what am I going to do? The Cowboys are 0-7 against the spread. They may well lose the rest of their games this year but surely they’re not going to go 0-16 against the spread. They’re going to cover eventually and goddamnit I’m going to be there for it. ❌ Almost covered at the end!

Season to date (weeks 1–7): 18-26-1
This week: 2-4