NFL 2020 Week 5 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Postgame comments in italics.

There a ton of games this week with lines over 7 points. I just don’t feel comfortable touching most of them. Also, I neglected to check the schedule early enough in the week to bet the Bears over the Bucs. That’s a shame but watching Brady lose track of what down it was with the game on the line was sweeter than winning a little money.

Raiders +10.5 vs. CHIEFS – I do like a big line when I feel good putting money on the underdog, and I like the idea that the Raiders have a good shot at keeping this game competitive. ✅

Panthers +2.5 vs. FALCONS – Why are the 2-2 Panthers underdogs to the 0-4 choke artist Falcons? I think this line is biased by preconceptions about both teams. ✅

BROWNS -1 vs. Colts – Call me a sucker but I think the Browns are for real with that running game. It’s a winning formula. ✅

COWBOYS -7.5 vs. Giants – When you’re in a hole the only sensible thing to do is keep digging. ❌

Season to date (weeks 1–4): 13-15-1
This week: 3-1