NFL 2020 Week 4 Picks

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Postgame comments in italics.

I was going to load up big-time on the Chiefs-Pats game, which, thanks to coranavirus hitting both teams, might not even be played — and with Cam Newton out after a positive test, will be a lot less fun if it does get played.

Seahawks -5.5 vs. DOLPHINS — The Seahawks just have that look. ✅ Like taking candy from a baby. Should’ve doubled up on this pick.

Saints -3 vs. LIONS — I don’t get this line at all. Sure, the Saints are 1-2, but they’re a good 1-2. Maybe I wind up pissing away a fortune saying this all year long but I think the Saints are ready for a breakout game. ✅ Bad start, but the Saints offense is just too good to start the season 1-3.

Chargers +7 vs. BUCS — I’ve got nothing here other than being happy to take a full touchdown to root against Tom Brady. ✋ I really thought I had this one after Brady’s now-usual pick 6.

COWBOYS -4 vs. Browns — I’m going to assume Chris Christie will not be in the Jones family box for this one. ❌ Good start, but the Cowboys defense is just too bad not to start the season 1-3.

BEARS +3 vs. Colts — Nick Foles at QB and the Bears undefeated through 3 games, getting points? At home? Count me in. ❌ I would bet the Bears again here. Just played a bad game.

Season to date (weeks 1-3): 11-13
This week: 2-2-1*