NFL 2020 Week 3 Picks

Took it on the chin last week with a bum 3-6 record. We’ll get the bastards this week. Let’s bet the hot teams.

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS.
Postgame comments in italics.

Sunday 1:00p:

Raiders +7 vs. PATRIOTS – I think the Patriots are going to be terrifyingly good once the new Cam Newton-led offense settles in. That offense hasn’t settled in yet. Meanwhile the Raiders are the hottest team in the league. I’ll take a touchdown here for sure, and I’ve got this as my 2× pick of the week. ❌ ❌

Rams +1.5 vs. BILLS – I think the Rams are the better team. That’s all there is to this pick. ❌


Cowboys +5 vs. SEAHAWKS – This one makes me queasy, I’ll be honest. But I figure all Dallas has to do though is keep it within 9 points, score a touchdown with a minute to go, recover the onside kick on a fluke play that only works if the other team doesn’t know the onside kick rules, and kick a field goal as time expires. That’s a winning formula. ❌

Sunday Night Football:

Packers-SAINTS OVER 51.5 – Feels like a near lock that this one will be a high scoring game. ✅

Monday Night Football:

Chiefs +155 moneyline vs. RAVENS – Shitty week so far, to say the least, but I feel good about the Chiefs in this one. 2× bet to win 3×. ✅ ✅ ✅

Season to date (weeks 1-2): 7-9
This week: 4-4