NFL 2019 Week 10 Picks

SAINTS -13.5 vs. Falcons – The Falcons and Dan Quinn have never recovered from blowing that Super Bowl against the Patriots three years ago. I don’t know how he still has the job. And the Saints are at home? Blowout. ❌

Chiefs -5 vs. TITANS – Mahomes is back. Chiefs defense seems acceptable again. ❌

JETS +2.5 vs. Giants – What a strange thing for two teams to share a stadium. Is there really a home field advantage? Neither team has a hope for the playoffs. This game is all either team has – this is their Super Bowl. So I’ll take the points. Can’t think of anything worse for a Giants fan than to lose to a 1-7 Jets team. ✅

Panthers +5 vs. PACKERS – I’ll take the points and McCaffrey and good old Norv Turner calling plays. ❌

COWBOYS -3 vs. Vikings – What a matchup. The Vikings are one game behind the Packers in the NFC North (but the Packers play early today) and Dallas is just a half-game ahead of the bye-week Eagles. My 2× pick of the week. ❌❌

Seahawks +6 vs. FRISCO – Another great matchup. I’ll take the points. ✅

Last week: 3-5
Season to date: 26-33-1