NFL 2019 Week 9 Picks

Washington +10.5 vs. BILLS – I’m sure Washington will figure out a way to lose this game, but I’ll take them with the points. ❌

Bears +5 vs. EAGLES – I think the wheels might be falling off the Eagles’ bus. This is my 2× wager pick of the week. ❌❌

DOLPHINS +3.5 vs. Jets – I’ve got Dolphins fever. ✅

RAIDERS -2.5 vs. LIONS – I’ve really got Raiders fever. I’ve think Gruden has this team on track to be a contender. ✅

Packers -4 vs. CHARGERS – Packers are winning by close to 7 points a game; the Chargers’ point differential is exactly 0 – 157 scored, 157 given up. And I don’t see them having any real home field advantage, so I don’t get why this line is only 4. ❌

Packers-CHARGERS OVER 47.5

RAVENS +3 vs. Patriots – This bet is purely what I’m rooting for. What I think will happen is that the Pats will win 24-13 or something like that. What I hope is that the Ravens beat them with a field goal as time expires. ✅

Last week: 3-3
Season to date: 23-28-1