NFL 2019 Week 7 Picks

Vikings -2.5 vs. LIONS – I’m so sick of losing betting against Detroit but here I am again. ✅

Raiders +5 vs. Packers – I think the Raiders are underrated and underdogs are doing great against the spread this year. ❌

Rams -3 vs. FALCONS – Atlanta hasn’t been right since they blew that Super Bowl to New England. ✅

Saints +4.5 vs. BEARS – Would’ve pegged this as a +3 line. ✅

COWBOYS -2.5 vs. Eagles – Both of these teams are having disappointing seasons. At this point it looks like only one team from the NFC East is going to make the playoffs, and there’s a good chance that’ll be the team that wins this game. 2× bet. ✅✅

Last week: 6-8
Season to date: 15-25-1