NFL 2019 Week 6 Picks

It seems very clear to me now that my poor season-to-date gambling record is the result of not betting enough games each week.

Thursday Night:

PATRIOTS -11.5 vs. Giants (-220 for the alternate line) – Pats are going to kill them. Too bad Eli Manning isn’t playing. 2× wager to win 1×. ✅

Sunday picks:

Panthers -2.5 vs. Bucs – This game’s in London so I don’t give the Bucs home field advantage. ✅

Seahawks -1.5 vs. BROWNS – I don’t get this line at all. Seattle is a top NFC team and the Browns just scored a total of 3 points on Monday. ✅

CHIEFS -4 vs. Texans – I don’t see the Chiefs losing two in a row and they’re playing at home. I expected this to be a 7-8-point spread. 2× wager. ❌❌

DOLPHINS +3.5 vs. Washington – The Garbage Bowl. I say go with the home team underdogs. Someone has to win. ✅

VIKINGS -3 vs. Eagles – I’ll admit I’m just rooting against the Eagles here. ✅

Saints +1.5 vs. JAGUARS – Again, I don’t get this line at all. I had the Saints as 2-3 point favorites. ✅

RAVENS -10.5 vs. Bengals – The Bengals are imploding, they’re 0-5 and somehow getting worse by the week. I look for the Ravens to get well beating up on them. 2× bet. ❌❌

RAMS -3.5 vs. 49ers – If the 49ers win this game, I’ll officially re-file the Niners as an NFC contender and the Rams as a bust. Until then, I’ve got them the other way around. ❌

Cowboys -7 vs. JETS – After losing two in a row this is a must-win for Dallas. Ezekiel Elliott ran well against the Packers last week but they fell behind so early they had to pass. Run run run, I say. 2× bet. ❌❌

PACKERS -3.5 vs. Lions – If the Lions win this one I’ll admit they’re good. But right now the Packers look like the best team in the NFC. ❌

Last week: 2-3-1.
Season: 9-17-1.