NFL 2019 Week 3 Picks

Took it on the chin last week after the refs completely screwed the Saints against the Rams again. Does anyone disagree with the fact that the NFL is the worst-officiated league in all of pro sports?

EAGLES -4 vs. Lions – Eagles at home, with a tough schedule stretch ahead of them, against a 1-0-1 Lions team I just can’t believe in. I look for the Eagles to run this up if they can. ❌

Raiders +9 vs. VIKINGS – Neither team has been particularly high-scoring so far – 9 points goes a long way in a low-scoring game. ❌

Saints +5 vs. SEAHAWKS – Just a gut feeling on this one. I feel like maybe Vegas is overreacting to Brees’s absence. ✅

RAMS -3.5 vs. Browns – Seems to me the line should be 5 or 6 for this game. ✅

Parlay: PATRIOTS -21 vs. Jets and COWBOYS -21 vs. Dolphins – Parleys are goofy (read: terrible) bets but these are goofy lines. Both of these teams will run up the score if given the chance. The Patriots are a bit meaner, and Miami, thus far, looks like it might be one of the worst teams in NFL history. ❌ (Can’t believe the Pats screwed me here.)

Last week: 2-4.
Season: 4-6.