NFL 2019 Week 2 Picks

Six picks this week, and they’re mostly 1p Sunday games. I reserve the right to add a little action later if I get bored.

Cowboys -6.5 vs. WASHINGTON – Close readers of my picks know I always pick Dallas, but if this were 7 I’d have second thoughts. ✅

TITANS -3 vs. Colts – After how well the Titans played last week on the road, I don’t get why they aren’t bigger favorite here at home. ❌

CHARGERS -1 vs. Lions – Come on, it’s the Lions. ❌

Seahawks +4 vs. STEELERS – This one I could see going either way. Either the Steelers come roaring back after getting utterly embarrassed by their arch-rival Patriots last week on national TV, or, the Steelers just plain suck. I’ll take the points. ✅

Saints +1.5 vs. RAMS – Hats off to the NFL for scheduling this revenge game to end all revenge games so early in the season. Now that the dust has settled there seems to be unanimous consensus that the Saints were robbed of a Super Bowl trip by the worst officiating call in NFL history. ❌

Eagles -1 vs. FALCONS – The Falcons only scored 12 points against the Vikings last week, all in the 4th quarter after they were down by 28. See my comments about the Steelers above – either they come roaring back, or maybe they just plain suck. ❌

Last week: 2-2.
Season: 2-2.