NFL 2018 Week 16 Picks

(Posting late, sorry.)

Not a lot to like in this week’s lines.

COWBOYS (-350) vs Bucs money line ✅

Cowboys have to win this game. I have an awful feeling it’s going to be close though.

Bears -4.5 vs. 49ERS ✅

I think the Bears will crush the Niners.

Steelers at SAINTS over 53.5 ✅

One of these games the Saints are going to get their offensive mojo back. And the Steelers seems to have their mojo back after last week’s win over the Pats.

Late night bonus pick since I’m 3-0 on the day: SEAHAWKS -0 vs Chiefs ✅

Time for Andy Reid to be Andy Reid in a big game.

[Last week: 2-4][lw]. Season to date: 35-26-2.